Promise of God's Protection

Do not compare your walk in life with the walk of others. Their successes and failures have nothing to do with you. Those things are between them and God. Be concerned only with your OWN heart and motives. Stepmoms, you following me? God sees all. You just focus on you today. ❤️

Culture and Christianity

A dear friend and I have been really diving into the words “integrity”, “transparency”, and “holiness”. Not a holier-than-thou attitude and not perfection. We’ve been pouring over what it really means to shine the light of Christ when we are tempted instead to get petty or boastful with the world. We’re talking about being so uncomfortably real when we feel tempted instead to hide behind the mask of artificial beauty, temporary earthly success, or titles. We also talked about breaking the stereotypes of generational curses and societal labels. Living in the light exposes us. Living in the light truly sets us free. This freedom is a beautiful and unselfish gesture by a Risen Savior.