The Boy

Keegan Flatt in Nashville, TN

I remember you as a boy. Your innocent, saucer-shaped brown eyes looking up at me. Your hand always finding mine, our hearts always looking for security in a time of trouble. Three years old and 28 years old, walking into the great unknown


Sometimes it feels like we grew up together. I had so much to learn about the world. I wanted to shield you from the ugliness of life at the same time. Time would heal us where the wounds were still tender. But your little soul was determined to


You loved even though you were told not to. Your arms were always stretched wide, almost as if you wanted to hug the world. You made room for everyone. You still do. You warm many a forlorn spirit with your hugs and


I saw you smile today. Your eyes were glimmering mischief as you gave me that funny little smirk. Joy danced in your laughter as you shared a funny tale with your Dad and I. It’s times like this when I want time to stand


“Be still and know that I am God”, the Lord says. Be still in the moment and enjoy the boy. Before our very eyes, the time passes quickly and you become a