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Maybe don’t say this to divorced people..

This is worthy of a re-post! Please don’t say this stuff to your divorced family and friends.

You can do this

We had some friends over for supper the other night. We are in the beginning stages of getting to know one another. They are members of the local church, and all around good people. We were sharing about our past history. Awkward questions ensued.

“So why doesn’t G’s family want anything to do with you guys? What went wrong there? Why is G no longer at the farm?”

The answer: divorce, and his remarriage to me.

I briefly laid out the story with a minimum of details, because let’s face it, there’s nothing commendable about sharing all the details of family drama with everyone.

This dear new friend of mine, who was really trying to be gracious and kind responded with “Yes, people just need to have more grace for divorced people. I mean, we’re not supposed to get divorced, but we need to have grace and love for those…

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Culture and Christianity

A dear friend and I have been really diving into the words “integrity”, “transparency”, and “holiness”. Not a holier-than-thou attitude and not perfection. We’ve been pouring over what it really means to shine the light of Christ when we are tempted instead to get petty or boastful with the world. We’re talking about being so uncomfortably real when we feel tempted instead to hide behind the mask of artificial beauty, temporary earthly success, or titles. We also talked about breaking the stereotypes of generational curses and societal labels. Living in the light exposes us. Living in the light truly sets us free. This freedom is a beautiful and unselfish gesture by a Risen Savior.