The Ex-Spouse

It’s Complicated

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“Lynnette, can I have a hug?”

As I was sitting in the kitchen glow of early morning light, my stepson quietly comes downstairs, tears rolling down his cheeks.  His sweet brown eyes were a fog of sadness and sorrow.  He had just received a call from his mom that his Grandma (her mom) had passed away.

His Grandma (Patricia)  was 82 years old and lived a wonderful, storied life.  She was an accomplished wife to an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, a mother of four, grandmother and great-grandmother, a successful business woman, and according to Keegan baked the best pies and cookies he’d ever tasted.

I sat with him for a couple hours before I woke up my husband, Steve (Keegan’s dad.)  Steve understood, and he was glad Keegan and I had that precious time together.  I listened to stories about his Grandma Pat meeting the Queen of England, her famous apple pie, her fun Christmas Bag of gifts for each grandchild, and her caring heart.

Stepfamilies are complicated though.  I want to reach out to Keegan’s Mom and tell her I’m sorry to hear about her mom passing.  A woman losing her mother, her great teacher and first best friend on this earth, is a depth of pain that stands alone.  I felt sad for her today, but all I can do is pray for her to feel peace in the coming days.  No words said by us will be received with kindness.  My husband’s mom was the first of the parents to pass, so she set the precedent.  Although we were told there was “sadness” about the passing, it wasn’t acknowledge in a card, flowers, etc.  It’s just the way things are going to be I guess.

I CAN show my respects by continuing to show sympathy and understanding to Keegan.  He is the precious point that connects all of us.

Rest In Peace to Pat.  She definitely played a major part in raising my wonderful stepson.

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