National Day of Prayer

“I cry aloud to the Lord, and He answers me from his holy mountain.”  Psalms 3:4 HCSB


We ALL could use a little (or a lot) of prayer in our lives.  Every single person faces trials of life and stressful situations of varying degrees.  As a parent in a blended family, I definitely understand this!
Are you struggling with what exactly to pray for?  I will keep it simple and give us some suggestions.  Here are a few ideas to pray about right where you are.
 1. Pray for your husband as spiritual leader of your home.  Ask God to feed his soul with light and love today.  Ask the Lord to reinforce him with strength and energy as he faces many trying situations and demands for his time.

2.  Pray for your YOURSELF.  Your guidance and leadership in the home is SO important right alongside your spouse.  Ask the Lord to fill your heart with patience and understanding when interacting with your spouse, and (step)children today.  Pray for the Lord to renew your faith and hope in all areas of your life.

3.  Pray for your (step)children.  Ask Jesus to bless their young minds with peace and reassurance.  They face much in the tides of change, and ask the Lord to cover them like a warm blanket of comfort.

4.  Pray for ex-spouses and biological parents.  Pray that the Lord gives them some unexpected joy today and a heart of understanding.  May they feel love today and know that they never will be replaced in the lives of their children.

5.  Pray for our community.  Ask the Lord to heal hearts, to take away harsh words, and to open us to paths of healing.  May we never forget to pray for each other amidst the chaos.

Moment of Prayer:
“There are times when stress seems so overwhelming and I feel I am just going to openly weep, Lord.  When it rains it pours some days.  When I feel buried in my struggles those are the EXACT times you want me to stretch my arms to the heavens and just let it all go.  You hear my pleas of help and mercy, and you NEVER let me fall!  I release ALL of my worries to you today, Lord.”

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